Blue Ice Vodka started with a vision.  “Big Jim” Myerson was a man with charisma and integrity. He had passion for fine wines and spirits.  His passion led him on a quest.  He had a vision of creating his own vodka made from the highest quality crops that America had to offer.  He didn’t have to look far to find the ideal crop region.  Idaho, where man behind the brand and his family come from and live,  where the natural ingredients are sourced and where the product is made. So the dream began….









 The potatoes used in Blue Ice Vodka come from the richest potato- growing region in North America,where high-altitudes, warm days and cool nights, and light volcanic soil produce high quality potatoes with excellent taste and character. Idaho Russet Burbank.


The composition of vodka is 60% water. The clarity of the water used during distillation is paramount to the flavor and balance of vodka. The water in Blue Ice Vodka imparts unparalleled smoothness reflecting its origin in the Teton Mountains, one of the last few remaining pristine water sources in America.  The water gathers in the Snake River Aquifer, where it naturally filters through hundreds of feet of porous volcanic rock before reaching the 200 -foot aquifer. This is the sole water source for Blue Ice Vodka.