Get Beach Ready With Four Simple Exercises

Beach body season has finally arrived: what better way to get ready for those summer outings than to trim down those extra pounds? It’s more than just being able to sport your favorite swimwear; but the health benefits that go along with sticking to a regimented workout program are aplenty. These four simple workouts will help you cut down those few extra pounds in no time:

Workout Plan Explained

The plan consists of a full-body workout routine that uses a combination of cardio and high-intensity training. The goal is to burn excess fat, and the best way to do so is transitioning through weight training intervals and cardiovascular exercises. Keep the weight light and intervals up to minimize your fatigue.

Exercise 1:

Jump Rope- H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training) principles can be incorporated into your jump roping.

·         5 sets

·         30 Seconds each rep

Exercise 2:

Barbell Deadlift – The deadlift is a weight training exercise that works multiple muscle groups at the same time. Benefits include: burning more calories, improving intramuscular coordination and gaining muscle. Of course doing this with proper form is highly suggested!

·         5 sets

·         Reps : 10/ 10/ 8/ 8/ 8

Exercise 3:

Pull Ups – This is the most effective upper-body exercise for developing strength in biceps and back. The pull up is part of the compound lifting family, where it works out both biceps and back as primary muscles, and chest and core as secondary ones, to name a few.

·         4 sets

·         Reps: 10/10/8/8

Exercise 4:

Standing Barbell Curl- This exercise increases the stability of your core, which is critical as it serves as the foundation to your strength. 

·         5 sets

·         10/10/8/8/8


Incorporate any other elements to this workout routine and your beach body will be ready to go this summer. A consistent routine will deliver peak results, and turning up the exercise just a notch will help you carve out that perfect physique.

Anthony Augusto