Tricks that Bartenders Use In Your Favor

Bartenders play one of the most important roles in making your bar going experience a fun one.  It’s not unusual for bartenders to know the tricks of the trade, whether “rimming a glass” or adding vermouth to a classic martini to give it much added smoothness and reducing the overall ABV. These methods are useful secrets in the world of mixing up the perfect libations like the pros. Here are some of the best tricks of the trade so you can up your at-home bartender’s game:


How to Rim a Glass

You can accomplish this by just getting a plate or saucer and dipping your glass into it. The standard method recommends twisting the glass and making sure it is covered sufficiently with moisture. If you are mixing up a lime-based cocktail, it’s recommended to use lime juice as the rimming add-on. Dip the rimmed glass into your choice of salt or sugar to add that finishing touch.

 Why Bartenders Use Vermouth in the Classic Martini

Quality cocktails come with adders, straight or even on the rocks. When it comes to a Classic Vodka Martini, Vermouth is the recommended pairing, due to its ability to smooth down the drink’s ABV percentage and add those complexities that keep your taste buds intrigued. It’s no secret that the martini and the vermouth have made for the perfect marriage for quite some time.

Using a Jigger

Using a jigger to measure the amount of liquor that goes into the cocktail you’re creating. A jigger keeps proportions balanced and consistent every time a cocktail is mixed. Consistency is key with almost everything in life, so why not keep your home-made cocktails the same as well?

Anthony Augusto