A Toast To Those We Honor on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not only a day to get off work, barbecue with loved ones, or the kick-off of summer. It’s a day to commemorate those who have served and have given their lives for the causes of liberty and freedom.  Patriotism runs deep in Blue Ice Vodka’s history, and any opportunity to honor our fallen soldiers and celebrate their courage and selflessness is one we relish. 

We encourage you to remember those fallen soldiers by supporting your nearest VA hospitals, adding the red, white and blue colors to your home décor, and by waving those beautiful stars and stripes to cheer those men and women who are serving and have served in our military.

National Moments of Remembrance is also a great way to remember the day we are celebrating. At 3 p.m.  (Local time), the National Moment of Remembrance, established by congress, creates a set time where we can all be in national unity.

There are many ways for us to commemorate those who have given their lives for our peace and freedom. Tell a friend or family member who has served or is serving how grateful you are for their service, and for those who have fallen take a minute out of your festivities to unite for those we have lost.

Most importantly, please don’t lose sight of the significance of Memorial Day. Smile, laugh and listen to music. Enjoy the day with family and friends. Grab a hot dog, hamburger or steak. Enjoy some cocktails.

Just be sure that when you do raise those glasses, you’re toasting our fallen soldiers. Here’s to them.

Cheers from Blue Ice Vodka. 

memorial day.jpg
Anthony Augusto