The Secrets to Muddling Fruit and Herbs

Muddling can be the perfect way to release the aromatic tastes of a fruit or leafy herb such as mint. The oils that are released by muddling give your cocktail that natural infusion, without any adders. A technique that serves as a key method to cocktail preparation, muddling, can be used in your favorite warm-weather cocktails. The freshness that muddled fruit or herbs add to a drink makes for a cocktail with more settled bitterness and earthy aromas. With herbs we suggest you utilize a blunt muddler, as it works better to release the aromas from the delicate leaves. When muddling fruit, however, it is advised to use a muddler with teeth, if possible.  Check out these fit summer recipes that are ready -to-make:


The Fit Strawberry Lemonade:

-5 Strawberries

-1 teaspoon refined sugar

-1.5 ounces Blue Ice Vodka

- Splash of club soda

-  4oz lemonade

- Garnish with a lemon wedge.



Add strawberries and sugar to highball glass—muddle well. Release aromas of fruits and proceed to fill glass with ice and Blue Ice Vodka. Add your favorite lemonade and top off by garnishing with a lemon wedge.


The Fit Watermelon Muddler:

- 1 slice of juicy watermelon

-  5 parsley leaves

-  1.5oz Blue Ice Vodka

-  ¾ oz. lemon juice

-  ¾ oz. of agave tincture

- Splash of sparkling pink lemonade

- Garnish with fruits of your choice


Gather ingredients into a pitcher. Muddle the watermelon and parsley in a cocktail shaker. Add in ice and other ingredients and shake thoroughly. Double strain into an ice-filled Collins glass that is half-rimmed with sugar. Top off with sparkling pink lemonade and garnish with your fruits of choice.

Anthony Augusto