Making Low-Calorie, Fit-Friendly Cocktails

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about the choices we make. Whether it’s sticking to a strict diet; or cutting out specific foods from our everyday lives, it all boils down to making smart choices. Choosing to sip on a low-calorie cocktail is one of those choices that just make sense when you when looking to cut calories from your diet. 

Vodka cocktails make for some of the best lower-calorie options for the fit-friendly weekend warrior devoted to staying in shape while maintaining an active social lifestyle. As the summer months approach and all the holidays, events and occasions that come with it -- low-calorie cocktails are an even more attractive option. Whether it’s drinking these drinks neat or adding low-cal, zero-sugar-added mixers, skinny cocktails maintain their “fit” factor without sacrificing flavor.  


Gone are the days where high-fructose carbonated drinks were the go-to mixer for your favorite cocktails.

Why diet mixers are king

Diet ginger beer is quickly becoming a staple at only 25 calories per serving,. Diet ginger beer is a well-rounded mixer that can be paired seamlessly with low-calorie vodka such as Blue Ice Vodka, to create a mule like no other. Pour your mix into a Blue Ice copper mug to add to your sipping experience.

Club soda is another great mixer, especially for those who enjoy the carbonation found in sugary-loaded sodas,. With no sugar and no calories, club soda makes for the perfect complement to chilled vodka. The Blue Ice Soda is one-part vodka and three parts club soda, which makes for the lowest calorie vodka soda around at only 52 calories. You’ll thank us for the recommendation later.


Two simple low-calorie drinks that use garnish

When life gives you lemons add a splash of vodka.  Lemons are now in season, so what better time to grab a few of those bad boys from your local market – or backyard - and squeeze them into your favorite skinny cocktail.  A Blue Ice Vodka Lemon is one of life’s simple offerings that can bring you a tremendous amount of joy, without affecting your waistline.

Or if you’re craving a more classic cocktail, mix up a martini with a lemon twist.. The Martini is the cornerstone of all cocktails -- . After all, it’s image for the “drink” emoji on your phone . With 110 calories, the martini requires minimal effort to make: pour a splash of vermouth into a martini glass and mix around until coated. Pour the vermouth out of the glass, throw in some Blue Ice Vodka and ice into a shaker, and shake until chilled. Strain into into a martini glass and add a lemon twist or green olive for garnish. Voila! You have a delicious, classic low-cal cocktail.

Need some more low-cal cocktails? With Blue Ice Vodka the lowest-calorie vodka on the market at 52 calories per serving, try creating your own skinny concoction you can enjoy guilt-free. Enjoy!